Modernity and tradition

The winery has been developed by and for the production and aging of our wines supervised by our winemaker. Therefore we can boast a winery that takes care of all the processes from reaching the fruit until it leaves the warehouse.

The entry of grapes in 15 kilos is performed by a Sorted Table, where expert hands discard any grape that is not in perfect condition. The selection table guarantees that only the grains in perfect condition enter the winery.

The fermentation is conducted in small tanks, 8,000 to 15,000 liters, which will allow us to fully controlled fermentations and to separate minority grapes varieties.

Aging in barrel and bottle ships is carried out in a computer controlled temperature and humidity.

All traditional knowledge and the latest technology allows us to present a modern, very personal and differentiated from each other wines. Wines that are the result of an exhaustive selection and unique work Rioja plots. They always have as base Rioja varieties, often forgotten or neglected by the complexity and the work required for cultivation and processing..